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Building information modelling (BIM) digitally integrates the aesthetic design and technical details of a construction project into one information package. BIM gives everyone involved in the construction process a digital prototype of the building before it is built. BIM follows the same model used to design aircraft and ships, where all relevant information is integrated into a single tool. Building owners, government agencies, engineers, and end users can all see how the construction will look and be utilized. Design changes can be incorporated at a very early stage of the project which reduces cost and the chance of delays.

The use of BIM has been growing rapidly in the last decade. In the NBS International BIM Survey 2016, 67% of Canadian respondents were aware of and currently using BIM, with 86% expecting to use BIM within a one to three year timeframe.

Every construction material used in the completion of the building is described in a BIM ‘object’. All parties in the construction process can contribute BIM objects to allow creation of a 3D model of the building. BIM objects from ArcelorMittal Dofasco have been created for all published prepaint series. While colour for 3D renders for different types of buildings is the primary objective, texture and sparkle for specialty paint series such as Granite® Deep Mat and Perspectra MetallicsTM are featured. Quality and Performance information is available for each paint series. When combined with building panel objects (architectural profiles, IMP panels, roofing tiles), a steel envelope solution is provided to engineers and architects.

Access our BIM objects for Prepaint here

Full Building Rendering: representation of Perspectra Metallics Silver QC10400
Same Building: Alternate Close-Up Rendering: representation of Perspectra Plus Bright White QC28783
Same building: Close-Up Rendering: representation of 10000 Series Metro Brown QC196