Solutions in Steel for Construction Steel Construction Industry Narrative brochure (English) Brochure narrative sur l’industrie de la construction en acier (French) Steligence Office Building Case Study (English) Étude de cas pour un bâtiment de bureaux Steligence (French) Steligence Mid-Rise Residential Case Study (English) Étude de cas de résidences de hauteur moyenne Steligence (French) Steligence Net […]

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Steel Design

Steel Design Issue 2 2022 Steel Design Issue 1 2022 Steel Design Issue 2 2021 Steel Design Issue 1 2021 Steel Design Issue 2 2020 Steel Design Issue 1 2020 Steel Design Issue 2 2019 Steel Design Issue 1 2019 Steel Design Issue 2 2018 Steel Design Issue 1 2018 Steel Design Issue 2 2017 […]

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Metallic Coated Steel

Galvanized & Galvanneal Galvanized & Galvanneal (English) Galvanized & Galvanneal (French) E-PassivationTM LustreLokTM (English) LustreLokTM (French) GalvalumeTM GalvalumeMC (English) GalvalumeMC (French) Corrosion Performance Corrosion Performance of Metallic Coated Steels (English) Corrosion Performance of Metallic Coated Steels (French)

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Weathering Steels

Indaten™ (English) Indaten™ (French)

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Green Building, Environmental, Sustainability

LEED LEED ® v4 – EPD Roll Formed Steel Panels ArcelorMittal LEED ® v4 – EPD Roll Formed Steel Panels CSSBI LEED ® v4 – EPD Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track Steel Recycling Institute LEED ® v4 – EPD Corrugated Steel Pipe CSPI LEED ® v4 – Recycled Content and Regional Materials (English) LEED ® v4 – Matières recyclées et en matériaux produits localement – […]

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Prepainted (Organic Coated) Steel

Perspectra Metallics SeriesTM Polyurethane Baycoat Perspectra Metallics Series™ Polyurethane Colour Card (Bilingual) Perspectra MetallicsTM Polyurethane Quality and Performance Specification (English) Série Perspectra MC Caractéristiques de Qualité et de Performance (French) Perspectra PlusTM Perspectra Plus SeriesTM Fact Sheet (English) Série Perspectra PlusMC Fiche technique (French) Perspectra Plus SeriesTM Quality & Performance Specification (English) Série Perspectra PlusMC Caractéristiques de qualité et de […]

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Indaten™ Weathering Steel

ArcelorMittal’s Indaten™ Weathering Steel creates a unique, raw aesthetic appearance for building facades, roofing and exterior architecture that blend in both natural and urban landscapes.

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Steligence Case Studies

Steligence® is a research initiative delivering a range of fact based sustainability and cost benefits to architects, engineers, urban planners, real estate developers and construction contractors.

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BIM Objects

Building information modelling (BIM) digitally integrates the aesthetic design and technical details of a construction project into one information package. BIM gives everyone involved in the construction process a digital prototype of the building before it is built. BIM follows the same model used to design aircraft and ships, where all relevant information is integrated into a single tool.

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CSI 3-Part Specifications

Access our Specifications for Prepaint here >

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