Environmental Product Declarations

Together with the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), ArcelorMittal Dofasco has published an industry-average Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for cold formed steel panels and sections. The EPD covers sheet steel construction products such as cladding, roofing, framing and deck products in compliance with the ISO 14040/44, ISO 14025 and ISO 21930 standards. […]

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Sourcing Raw Materials

ArcelorMittal products can assist in obtaining the following two points under the sourcing of raw materials credit category. Point 1: The ArcelorMittal North American corporate sustainability reports are available at the following link. The reports include information on the environmental impacts of our mining operations and activities associated with our products supply chain. It was completed […]

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Construction Waste Management

Steel is a highly engineered product and due to off-site fabrication, ArcelorMittal steel products do not generate a large volume of construction waste. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Any steel retrieved from demolition can be easily recycled , greatly assisting in obtaining the credits below. Up to two points can be […]

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Heat Island Reduction

The intent of this credit is minimize effects on microclimates, human and wildlife habitats by reducing heat islands. ArcelorMittal high reflectance roof products can assist in obtaining this credit by choosing one of the following options: Option 1 – Non-roof and roof (2 points) The combination of Non-roof Measures, ArcelorMittal High Reflectance Roof Products and […]

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