Steligence Case Studies

Steligence® is a research initiative delivering a range of fact based sustainability and cost benefits to architects, engineers, urban planners, real estate developers and construction contractors.

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BIM Objects

Building information modelling (BIM) digitally integrates the aesthetic design and technical details of a construction project into one information package. BIM gives everyone involved in the construction process a digital prototype of the building before it is built. BIM follows the same model used to design aircraft and ships, where all relevant information is integrated into a single tool.

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CSI 3-Part Specifications

Access our Specifications for Prepaint here >

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ArcelorMittal Dofasco construction products can help obtain LEED v4 points in the following categories: ​Environmental Products Declarations, Sourcing of Raw Materials, Construction Waste Management, Heat Island Reduction

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Steel Design Magazine

Steel Design cover

We invite you to view our curated collection of case studies in steel construction and design, from our biannual publication, Steel Design.

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